From Front Line to Home Front

~From Belgium to Birmingham~

As part of our research for Worlds Apart Together, we felt it was important to get closer to the Front line and get a more "hands on" experience.

So, we packed ourselves into a couple of cars and drove the 6 hour journey to Ypres in Belgium.

Later that week, back in Birmingham, we visited the place where Worlds apart together is set.


Monday 20th - Tuesday 21st August - Ypres

We visited Ypres for only two days, but in those short 48 hours we managed to visit the menin gate, 'In Flanders Fields' Museum, and hill '62. All of which were an invaluable experience. 

menin gate

The menin gate in ypres is a memorial dedicated to the thousands of british and commonwealth soldiers who's graves are unknown. 


Hill '62 - Sanctuary wood

Hill '62 is a memorial made of preserved trenches in a location formerly known as sanctuary wood.

in flanders fields museum

The In flanders fields museum is located in cloth hall in Ypres' market square. it is filled with studies of WWI.


Thursday 23rd August - Back to backs on hurst Street, Birmingham

The National Trust have preserved a court of back to back houses in central birmingham and provide wonderful tours of the houses