Part 2 Spring 2029

I'm back in rehearsals on Thursday evening, as Chris, Aimee and Danny read and walk through a scene in part 2 of the play, set 16 years after the pregnant girl's introduction in the alleyway in part 1.  The daughter is now incarcerated underground by her protector as the city above is torn apart by civil disorder and lack of food and water.

An encounter with a young man, Digger, is a pivotal scene. 

The actors start to notice mirrors between this scene and part 1, Eva/Martha rebirthed, screams are present again and the recurring question of "Who are yer? Do yer know?". 

Chris is keen to stress the capricious nature of the character Digger, and we talk about how this is expressed.  How people can sometimes be so cherishing and at other times so destructive.  Digger wants to protect and plan a future for them both despite his terrible crimes running with gangs.  Chris reveals he thought of a combination of Caliban and Ferdinand as he created Digger and this chimes with Edward Bond's recent comments upon the new play - see them here:

Matt Hinks