Reflections and articulating the centre

We look back at yesterday's work and begin to discuss central themes and also discuss issues around parenting.  Big Brum produce Teachers' Resources to accompany a full theatre performance in the school and part of this features a contemporary factual event that has parallels with the play, or at least an emotive or societal resonance. 

Danny talks about the woman suffering from postpartum pyschosis who threw her baby away down a 44 ft rubbish chute.  She received a 2 and a half year prison sentence. 

We are encouraged to include more reflections and responses towards what might be emerging as the centre of the play.  Lost and found, loss of life, loss of society, loss of identity.  Freedom and entrapment, guiding and manipulating. 

There is lots of discussion about the commoditization of life itself.  The value of life. The market dictating and shaping our behaviours.  The rampant consumption and ultimate lack of choice.
Matt Hinks