The first entire walkthrough

The Actor-Teachers take part in the first walkthrough of the entire play, and it's exciting to see the development of the different components of the drama. The actors are now much more familiar with the site of the play, and the physicality of some of the scenes add greatly to the images that are worked upon in great detail.

On Monday 30th September we are welcoming a dozen teachers to our home at Pegasus Primary School.  They will be attending our first 'open rehearsal', so that they are able to gain an insight into the process of rehearsing, the methodology, the text of the play and the powerful images that are being created.  This opportunity for teachers is part of Big Brum's ongoing commitment to involving teachers within the artistic process. 

This commitment also includes an advisory group of teachers and academics, who we meet with regularly so that they can respond to the educational and artistic challenges implicit in the company's work.  This is essentially a Community of Practice and their input is tremendously valuable in considering and responding to the work.

Matt Hinks