Involving young people

The rehearsal process has been interrupted by the company's commitment to other work, with the primary programme 'The Giant's Embrace' still in demand.  There has also been work as part of a transitions project at Greenwood Academy in Castle Vale, and this has allowed the Actor-Teachers to involve young people directly in 'Touched' for the first time.  The play has been written for Year 9 upwards but the Year 7s at Greenwood have been really engaged; building the site of the play in their school hall and watching part one with the pregnant girl in the alleyway. They point out that the unborn child's life has already been devalued; not least through the girl's lack of responsibility.  The Actor-Teachers also work with the young people on imaginative writing, by asking them to assume the 'voice' of certain key objects in the play. 

The rehearsal process is planned and re-planned, now including more intensive whole days and evenings.  The set has been designed and is being constructed and Ceri presents a model to us; Big Brum have a history of excellent production values and it is a challenge to present sets that are as portable as they are striking.  Chris and Richard discuss 'TIE back', a painful condition that seems inevitable when moving sets between schools and the van!
Matt Hinks