Open rehearsals Monday 30th September

We are delighted to welcome twelve teachers to our 4pm open rehearsal, which take place in one of the Pegasus Primary School halls.  The bare bones of the set are constructed which add a sense of dimension to the site of the play.  Chris introduces the narrative and Aimee & Danny continue to rehearse Part One.  The teachers engage immediately, and offer their reactions to the text and images.

 There is discussion as to whether the girl resents her unborn baby for preventing her from taking place in the riots and civil unrest that lies stage right.  It is pointed out that the discovery of an expensive branded pair of trainers represents a simple, tangible and familiar pleasure very much opposed to the complex perils of her situation.

As the scene is repeatedly replayed, it is noticeable how even the subtlest change in movement or intonation can provoke a different reaction in the audiences' responses, to the plight of the girl, to her background, her intentions, wants and needs. 
Chris asks for volunteers to act as the girl, inviting them into the site of the play.  Chris talks about a dramatic logic which is coherent with the situation, allowing a  freedom for young people to bring themselves into the drama, to safely explore it for themselves.

Matt Hinks