Drama sessions begin at St.Edmunds Catholic Academy

The Victorian alleyway in Wolverhampton is explored
On Wednesday Richard, Isabelle and Danny, Big Brum's actor-teachers, led the first after school session at St.Edmunds with young volunteers from years 7, 8 and 9. They built a simple set of flats depicting an alley way, and told the young people it was built around 1900.  Using the well known phrase 'walls have ears' students were asked what they could see, and then asked to imagine the sounds, smells and people that have passed through the alleyway, maybe as a simple daily short cut to school or work, or as a way out of the city for the final time as soldiers left for the western front.  By these open questions the actor-teachers began to engage the volunteers intellectually and emotionally, as their knowledge of history and World War One was combined with their imaginations . It is with this framework that the young people will be introduced to real stories from the archives of Wolverhampton, so that they can begin to dramatise moments that matter to them.

Matt Hinks