Writing Letters From Kitty

Each group were asked to place themselves in one of the rooms of Highbury Hall and to produce a letter written by Kitty that told of her thoughts and feelings.
Group 1 created a letter where Kitty wrote:

“So many of our men are dead. They didn't die peacefully or heroically whatever it says in those bloody newspapers. The whole suffering is for nothing, and I wake up everyday like nothing has happened. Maybe I'm empty, I don't know. It's all too tiring. I'm so tired. I don't think I can sleep enough for my whole life”

Group 2's letter included:

"They went to France for an adventure and came home with pain and suffering. They have been shattered, beaten and destroyed, just like this world. Sometimes when I cannot sleep, when being exhausted is not enough for the mind to rest. I hear their cries for mummy, for nurses, for god, and then sometimes when I tend to them there is silence.  Their pain haunts me and echoes throughout the rooms"

Group 3 letter read:  “I am disturbed here. The men, they wander around as if sleepwalking. Their bodies mobile but behind their eyes is nothing. Darkness. Empty. They have been healed but they might as well be in their graves. Perhaps they would be better off dead. I am scared when I see them, I am scared because somehow I know this feeling. The feeling of being alive but not really living. The world turns but I am fixed. Stuck. Lost. Can we find in a World that is lost?"
Group 4 wrote “I never think about the past, I only ever want to think forward, what the next task is, who's next on the visiting list, all that sort of thing. I prefer to just blank out the time I spent in France...But to have seen the things I've seen. The hollow faces of the men, young boys in many cases. To see them reduced to a whimpering lifeless soul, scrambling for any sense of  what they think is reality"

The galleried balcony at Highbury Hall. Actor is Roseanna Baggott, photograph by Matt Hinks

Matt Hinks