Planning the filming at Highbury Hall

17th September

We have booked Highbury Hall on three consecutive Sundays, the first is for us to do a dry run of the filming, lining up our storyboarded scenes with rooms and other spaces in the house. We are very fortunate to be working with John Bradburn, an award winning film maker and videographer who is a senior lecturer at the University of Worcester. We had already met with him to begin to plan the film, but the time at Highbury allowed him to properly recce the house and visualise the scenes we would film. We had agreed at an early stage that the film would be part documentary, part a number of scenes filmed as if present in 1916.  We also agreed that John should have a fair degree  of artistic freedom.  He would be able to use different digital film apps to help make the film appear authentic, we would use a monochrome filter to film the scenes as if period, but John also wanted to document the processes of rehearsal and re-rehearsal.

Matt Hinks