Following on from the sell out success of Macbeth in 2016, Big Brum have commissioned local playwright and artist Suriya Aisha to create a piece based on the character of Fleance from Macbeth. This piece will be based in modern times and revolve around the feeling of being lost. It will be suitable for ages 10 and above and will be the basis of the extension TiE programme to Macbeth. This programme starts touring in November and will tour until April 2018.

Two children, from two different places impacted by the choices of one world. One worries his dad will “kill ’im”, the other wonders if his dad’s been killed. Both bound by decisions too heavy for young shoulders, they find sanctuary in a forest. This is a story about what it feels like to be lost...by choice - but whose choice is it really? What happens when one generation makes decisions without considering the next?