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The End of Reason | Part IV - Worlds apart together

A New play written by Chris Cooper

To mark the centenary of the end of First World War.

The final of four plays to explore themes around the First World War.

Winter 1918:  The armistice has been signed but conflict dragged on in the Smith household and young Jack didn’t know how things were going to turn out.  The war had left Mum to fend for the whole family. Now she’d lost her job in the munitions factory and she was livid. It were like they were trapped and it didn’t feel like victory.  Not in the house.  Not on the streets neither. Demobbed soldiers on every corner with nothing to do.  That’s how they met Harold. He was the first black man Jack had seen in the flesh and Mum took him in as a lodger…..
     This piece will tour in the Autumn term for years 5+6 and all years in secondary schools.



Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Big Brum will commission a new writer to adapt The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde into a Theatre in Education programme.

This will tour during Spring to Upper Primary and Secondary Schools.

Jekyll & Hyde Image -MR.jpg