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We offer schools new plays and TiE programmes that resonate with children and young people, touring into primary and secondary schools, offering a live performance, participatory workshops and supporting resources to help raise standards in literacy and comprehension. For students of Drama and the Performing Arts, we offer a high-quality new work of Theatre/Drama, with workshops that empower students to analyse and enact extracts from the text. 

Our work is especially relevant to the study of English & Drama, PSHE/ Citizenship and RE, and also to the school's commitment to SMSC. We provide extensive and innovative teachers' resources that support preparatory and follow up work and can extend and support learning across a whole term.

A Big Brum Theatre in Education programme sees interactive workshops and discussion interwoven with the performance of a new play, led by highly skilled actor-teachers with many years’ experience of working with children and young people in arts education projects. We aim to develop thinking skills so that children & young people are given an experience that requires analysis, collaboration, decision-making, justifying and evaluating, thereby building skills towards genuinely critical, creative and imaginative thinking.

the programme will be delivered according to our nine main principles of engagement with young audiences:


Small group work (working with up to 30 children/young people) to ensure a high ratio of Actor Teachers to young people, maximising participation and inclusion.


Work delivered to our audiences 100% free to them at point of use. This is a very important factor in breaking down the normal socio-economic factors that prevent young people from accessing art.


Discussions with all schools before we perform, to identify any special approaches that may be required.


Bringing art into a space young people already inhabit. This is an important factor in breaking down a common barrier to arts engagement; transport to venues and the “alien” nature of many arts venues to young people.


Trusting the child: Big Brum stated goal is to treat young people not as undeveloped adults but as human beings in their own rights, with their own experiences and understandings that go to the heart of what it is to be human.


Safe space: the carefully facilitated drama sessions Big Brum uses create a safe space for young people, so young people are able to place themselves into our drama sessions and respond to a reality a safe distance from their own experience.


No wrong answers: we are interested not in what is “correct”, but in what young people think and the processes by which they come to these conclusions.


Effective questioning: we are renowned for our ability to utilise effective questioning with young people to open up imaginative responses.


Working in the moment: we do not enter into a session with a particular goal in mind to discuss; we will work in the moment and respond to the enquiry of the young people themselves as they begin to process what they have seen and discuss this with our staff.