In Flanders Fields Museum

Located in Cloth Hall in Ypres Market Square, In Flanders Fields Museum is dedicated to the study of WWI.

It holds the story of the first world war through human experience. 



Entering the museum, we took 4 questions with us that we sought to answer:

  • What moved you? - In a felt way & what questions did it raise?

  • Where did you see 'Worlds Apart Together'?

  • Where did you find today in semblance to then?

- In further reflection, What resonated for you:

  • About the world then until now

  • about the story of 'Worlds Apart Together'

  • About yourself

Here are some of our refelections: 


Where is humanity? What is humanity?

'I was moved by the absolute atrocity that is was in general. WWI should have been enough trauma to end all war. Unfortunately, as we know from centuries of history, war does not end war. As the famous quote says an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind'

no mans land.jpg

What kind of world is this?

‘It is clear that we have not learned the lessons of the past – a lot of the museum scarily reflected our world today. We have become even more brutal to our fellow man (refugee crisis) and now, strangely, we seem to romanticise the War as a time when people cared about each other, pulled together as a community. In the world today, we are denied empathy.’