macbeth is especially suitable for work in Drama, English, RE and PSHE.

Big Brum offer you a unique opportunity to book a performance of ‘MACBETH’ and also receive a new Theatre in Education programme that extends the story of Fleance into the modern world.

For large groups up to whole year groups, ‘MACBETH’ can be booked as a performance only. This is a great opportunity for your students to see ‘MACBETH’ rather than just read the text. The production received great reviews from schools who booked it for their schools.

For smaller groups, you will also receive ‘FLEE’ - a Theatre in Education programme based on a new play by Suriya Aisha

This 90 minute session combines a performance of the new play with participation from your students, allowing them to explore the dilemmas and themes of the play. Each session works with up to 30 students. It is especially relevant for students of English, Drama and the performing arts, as well as for discrete groups such as gifted and talented, or students needing a boost for their learning.

Two children from two different places impacted by the choices of one world. One worries his dad will “kill im”, the other wonders if his dad’s been killed. Both bound by decisions too heavy for young shoulders, they find sanctuary in a forest. This is a story about what it feels like to be choice - but whose choice is it really? What happens when one generation makes decisions without considering the next? FLEE is about who we allow to seek safety.

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