touring secondary schools january - april 2020

Joy watched the flames as she heard the sirens of the ambulances and fire engines arriving; now she is too scared to sleep. Joy wants to talk about that night, but she can’t find anyone to listen.


‘Paper Umbrella’ written by Rowan Padmore, is a half day play and programme for KS3/4 students. The play was inspired by seven-year-old Kia Ramos’ question to the Mayor of London at the base of Grenfell Tower on the morning after the fire, which claimed 72 lives and displaced hundreds of others from their homes. He asked, ‘What are you going to do with people’s lives?’  

The play, like Kia’s question, opens up profound questions about modern society and how we live today.

Big Brum Theatre-in-Education companies latest TIE programme presents a singular opportunity for young people to engage with a dynamic combination of world-class theatre and the unique creativity of TIE. Highly skilled Actor Teachers will steward students through a meaningful exploration and development of their personal learning and thinking skills, in participatory workshops specifically designed to extend creativity, confidence and powers of communication.

Challenging and thoughtful, ‘Paper Umbrella’ is designed to have cross-curricular appeal and is a must for those seeking to cultivate creative approaches to teaching and learning. It also provides a powerful stimulus for the exploration of roles, themes and theatrical conventions within classroom GCSE/BTEC/A Level delivery.

78-year-old, Ligaya Moore, Grenfell tower resident was one of the last victims of the fire to be identified, her remains were found alongside the steel ribs of her collection of umbrellas. Big Brum would like to dedicate their latest TIE tour to her and to all whose lives were affected by that tragedy.

‘Paper Umbrella’ is specifically designed for one class group of up to 30 students at a time.

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