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Worlds Apart Together

End of Reason 1914-1918: Part V

Written By Chris Cooper

September - December 2018

This production was aimed at Primary school pupils in Year 5 and 6, and all Secondary students.


‘Winter 1918.  The war had left Mum to fend for the whole family.  Now she’d lost her job in the munitions factory. 

It didn’t feel like victory.  Not in the house.  Not on the streets. Demobbed soldiers on every corner with nothing to do.  That’s how they met Harold.  He was the first black man Jack had seen and Mum took him in as a lodger...’

Worlds Apart Together was a play combined with participatory workshops and explored home, identity and equality through the experience of ordinary men and women forever changed by the First World War.


Living in the World of Macbeth

Written by Suriya Aisha

January - July 2018

This production was aimed at Primary school pupils in Year 5 and 6, and all Secondary students.

‘Flee’ was a Theatre in Education programme combining live performance and participatory activities that explore the plight of a young refugee lost in a forest, who is found by a local British schoolboy. ‘Flee’ was about those who are lost and whose world is in transition and gave pupils a chance to engage imaginatively with the play’s themes and concepts of being & feeling lost.

“Two children from two different places impacted by the choices of one world.  One boy worries his dad will ‘kill im’, the other wonders if his dad’s been killed. Both bound by decisions too heavy for young shoulders, they find sanctuary in a forest…”

FLEE with BOY.png



Toured intermittently between May 2016 & March 2018

Big Brum Offered A Unique Opportunity To Book A Performance Of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ And Also Receive A New Theatre In Education Programme That Extends The Story Of Fleance Into The Modern World - ‘Flee’(as above)

Over The top

End of reason 1914 - 1918: Part III

Written By Chris Cooper

Toured October - December 2016

‘Summer 1916.   141 days of horror begin as the Battle of the Somme becomes one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history.  In a crowded hospital near the front line a nurse scrubs the floor in the relentless war against infection and disease, but not all the wounds of war can be treated in this manner.’


Over the Top combined theatre performance and participatory drama workshops, it explored duty and equality, autonomy and freedom through the experiences of serving men and women.